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Mr. Juan Pablo Borra.
Director of Argentina Department.
General Director South America Department.

Mr. Gustavo Armando Castaño
Director Asistant

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Juan Pablo BorraMr. Juan Pablo Borra, valuable young pillar of our company, who capitalizes on 10 years of experience in international markets. In 2003, after finishing his studies technical-college in the area of ​​Food Quality Engineering, turned his interest and passion to the branches of the sciences, mainly to global markets. It was developed as business manager of local and sales teams leading Forex products and hedge funds, market studied local and international economies for the installation of commercial subsidiaries, was responsible for negotiating with worldwide investment banks in hiring business structures and management platform’s portfolios. In 2005, signed service contracts with Financial Brokers like Interactive Brokers USA and Saxo Bank  Denmark.

In 2006 interrupted its dependency ratio and founded his own company of International Financial Planning and firm Asset Manager Qualified contracts with Saxo Bank of Denmark, for the management of investment accounts for private and institutional clients. In 2007 expands its service level and strategically expands its negotiations with Switzerland to qualify as Qualified Asset Manager of MIG BANK, Switzerland. In the same year agreed with Deutsche Bank (dbFX) USA and signs an Introducing Broker  and Money Manager agreement. In early 2008 by international regulations and agrees with Saxo Bank transferred its customer base with its trading partner for South America NVN Securities SA Uruguay, which expands its international portfolio and generates a strong relationship with the company President and former President of Uruguay Stock Exchange, Don Carlos Alberto Perera.

Mr. Juan Pablo Borra has expanded its level of competitiveness through knowledge and training in national and international financial markets, Technical Analysis, Fundamental, options and futures, Stock Market and Securities Market, held at the Argentine Institute of Capital Markets – Mercado de Valores de Buenos Aires SA (MERVAL), Trading System Development and Expert Advisors MT4 smart  technology.

In September 2011 he joined V & V Rending SA as legal representative and General Director of  South America Department. It is currently developing links of interest to corporate-level ministries and government of his country and other countries of the Southern Cone.


Gustavo CastañoMr. Gustavo Armando Castaño has been developed in the area of ​​selling insurance and financial products since 2001. He has 12 years of experience in the Investment Advice in local and international financial market specializing in selling products on Fixed Income, Equities, Indexes and Futures. In 2008 it was officially named NVN Introducing Broker Securities SA / WLP Saxo Bank A / S. and in 2011 was licensed as Business Finder by MIG BANK for Switzerland.

He currently serves as Advisor to the Director of South America Department of  V&V Rending S.A.