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Mr. Pedro Luis Villar López
Chairman of the Board

Corporative Address: C/ Luis Fuentes Bejarano, 8
Zip Code: 41020
Sevilla, Spain

Main Office: Av. Emilio Lemos 2,
East Tower, Mod. 510.1
Zip Code: 41020
Sevilla, Spain

Mrs. Raquel Vicioso Martinez
Chief Financial Director

Mr. Nilo Francisco Hipe Avila
General Surveyor 

Sr. Viacheslav Makeev
Deputy Assistant

Coporative Phone:
Phone/Fax: (+34) 955 15 74 00 // 954 67 40 98
Phone: (+34) 627 11 98 73
Mobile: (+34) 664 85 71 83
E-mail: info@vvrending.com


Pedro Luis Villar López Mr. Pedro Luis Villar serves as Chairman of the Board for V&V RENDING S.A.  as well as Chairman and Managing Director of the V&V RENDING S.A. LLC(Oil Development Co.U.S.A.) and the Managing Director of Planning at Holdings. Mr. Villar brings to the Board over 31 years of experience in the Energy, Oil & Gas industry within strategic planning, investments, project management, and research &  development. Aside from V&V RENDING S.A. and the V&V RENDING S,A,LLC (Oil Development Co.), Mr. Villar also serves as a Board Director of the Industrial Investment company and as both a Manager of the Corporate Planning Group and Manager of the Major Projects Group at INTERNATIONAL HOLDING.

He is a professional executive with strong leadership and strategic skills and proven ability in successfully providing executive leadership within the business energy sector. In addition to his industry positions with Brown, Boveri & Cie (ABB) at Energy Division, Central America and North America since 1981 until 1990 and with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. ( 1990 to 2002) Department Investment &  Consulting Services,in 1998 worked to settle into its new organization and were the founder and Chairman of V&V Rending S.A. at Investments and Trading Petroleum Products  in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Middle East. He currently holds the same position, in effect, for unanimous ratification of the Board on July 25, 2012 until July 2018.

Mr. Villar graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics Sciences. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical engineering, MS degree in Financial Economy and Market´s (The Global Executive,MBAi).

He has extensive international exposure and expertise understanding of the management and richness of various cultures and the building and development of team excellence having one vision.

His career to date is based on a combination of factors in the global economy, Strategic Alignment and business development.

Strong background in strategic and organizational planning, global tax structure oversight, risk management, joint venture negotiation and business development.

Enjoy a stimulating work environment, dynamic and challenging.


Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Emilio Sola joined V&V´S Board of Directors in November 2013 and was appointed Vice President of Business Development in May 2014.

He joined V&V´S in 2013 as Director of Architectural & Engineering Services. With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Sola brings a distinctive level of expertise to V&V´s Architectural Design & Engineering Services team within functional areas of the company. He has held several executive positions at the Corporation from 2013 to the present, ranging from Director of A&E Services to Global Project Director, most recently as Senior VP Business Development while retaining his Lead Architect and Global Project Director responsibilities. Mr. Sola’s leadership has been critical to the success of several key of company’s projects for customers in Latin American countries (Chile, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia and Brazil), among others international and regional projects.

In his current role as VP Business Development, is responsible for senior management duties including the preparation of project scheduling, negotiating contracts, coordination of sub-trades and cost management of individual projects. Mr. Sola directs the V&V´S corporate business development activities working with senior business and technology stakeholders discovering new business opportunities for the company and ensuring strategic investments are synergistic with its core businesses and ensuring the beneficial nexus between strategic investments and operational processes. He leads a team of professionals in procuring projects in the Public Private Partnership sector and Design-Build Industry. Mr. Sola’s team seeks out new project opportunities and is responsible for forming partnerships to achieve success for the organization.  In this role, Mr. Sola positions V&V´S on project teams that best suit their abilities and provide the most add value on investments and sustainable development.

Mr. Sola combines strong architecture, technical leadership, and analysis and design skills with a background that includes complex systems integration with other company divisions and enterprise package customization creating value through governing IT deployment in a public/private-sector inter-organizational context. His experience has focused on leading teams to create architectural strategy and design, ratify it with stakeholders, and provide technology leadership and support throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to implementation. Plans, oversees the general management and leadership of A/E activities including design and construction, operations, finance and resourcing across multiple projects and work streams, designs, and coordinates project activities to ensure that the goals and objectives of the project are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters by performing his duties through the V&V´S Architectural & Engineering Board.

Prior to 2013, he held roles of increasing responsibility over 16 years (1990-2006) with the FCC Construcción S.A Group, serving as Building Execution Director, in addition to other industrial companies such as Corsan-Corviam S.A. and Ayesa (2006-2013). He was recognized for his excellent contributions and was proposed in 2000/2003/2006 for the Foment Quality Awards. FCC Construcción gives these awards to the year’s most important jobs.

Mr. Sola holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Architecture and Building Engineering of Seville University, holds a Environment in Construction Management certificate and Energetic Certification Course, and is member of Professional Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Seville. In addition to V&V´S Board of Directors, Mr. Sola serves on the boards of Gerson Lehrman Group Inc.



Raquel Vicioso MartínezMrs. Raquel Vicioso Martínez has held a variety of positions within the areas of corporate finance, currently serving as the Managing Director of Finance & Administration Affairs. Mrs. Vicioso also participates as a Board Member for V&V Rending Holding Corp., subsidiaries, including V&V Rending S.A. LLC (Oil Development Co.U.S.A.) since May 2005. Prior to joining the V&V Rending S.A. Holding, Mrs. Vicioso was an executive in the Investment Banking group and Research Division with AB Morgan Stanley Dean Witter sv S.A. from to February 1994 until March 2005, where Mrs. Vicioso focused primarily on the investments in the energy sector and which provided a total of more than 10 years of industry experience.

Mrs. Vicioso holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics also has a MS and bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (MBAi executive)  from the University of Seville  and MEFF -Official financial Market futures and options in Spain(1995).

Mrs. Vicioso has extensive experience in the Business Administration and Management. It has a great power and vision of attracting new investment with strong potential partners at negotiation of strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions as well as product marketing and budgetary Control.


Head of Global Operations & Corporate Logistics Director

Mr. Fernando Ruiz Tejada has served on the Board of Directors since April 2008. He was appointed Head of Global Operations and Service Integrity and also Vice President of International Services in February 2007. Prior to this role, he served as Senior Director for North Africa where he was responsible for the company’s warehousing, distribution and value added services businesses across the North Africa region, covering the tankers ships segment, container shipping, terminals and logistics units.

Mr. Ruiz, with more than 25 years of international transportation and logistics experience, joined V&V´S Holding Corp. in 2001 after spending eleven years in a number of executive and management capacities in the Oil & Gas industry, holding several positions in operations, business development and general management.

He has served the Corporation in Corporate Market Research, Group Strategic Planning and Logistics International Marketing, providing interface between international marketing and logistics & supply chain management in both maritime logistics and onshore logistics units. He has held various international general management positions in V&V´S Logistics & Operations Division covering EMEA region (Europe, Middle East & Africa) to Americas Region (including LATCAR-Latin America and Caribbean).

Mr. Ruiz has extensive supply chain management experience from leadership roles in business development, international services, logistics engineering, warehouse operations, distribution and inventory management, to the extent that it has become a reference point for “best practice” within the entire Corporation. He currently serves as Member of the V&V´S Nominating and Governance Committee since 2013.

Graduated with Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Seville and holds his Master’s Degree in Logistics from MIT Masters in Supply Chain Management (USA, Spain and Malaysia) and MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.


Viacheslav MakeevMr. Makeev was appointed Corporate Secretary and Advisor on 7 June 2006.  Mr. Makkev has extensive corporate experience within the oil services, Business & IT Alignment and Company Valuation as well as broad business portfolio strategies, as Corporate Secretary and Advisor in our Holding have the important mission of building relationships and developing bilateral trade with companies in the energy industry in the Russian Federation and charged with establishing business relations between companies in the early planning, administrative protocol and risk forecasting.

Mr. Makeev also holds the position of Assistant Deputy of the Legal Advisory of Commerce of V&V Rending S.A. with our representative offices and especially  with the lawful representation in Moscow during the conjunction of Projects, Development and Investment.

Ms.Makeev graduated from the University of Moscow in 1996 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance.