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Through our alliances and joint operators, offer a solid operational structure in transportation, terminals and logistics in general. These services are provided through the maritime carriers worldwide and valuations and special projects extend beyond the conventional shipbroking in maritime consulting activity.

We act from the confidence that gives us in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we work and a proven experience in the provision of value-added and strategic consulting services.

We offer services to our network of companies and serve a wide variety of clients in our portfolio business, including major oil companies, distributors, marketers, the chemical and petrochemical companies in the following sectors:

• Tanker Operators
• Ship Managers
• Charter
• Logistics and Bunkering
• Operations and Technical Directors
• Suppliers of marine fuel
• Port Authorities
• Port Operators
• Regulatory bodies
• Agents & Surveyor’s
• Test Agencies
• Regulators and environmental groups
• Companies and analysis technology.

Our assets are strategically located in all of Central America, the Caribbean, the Gulf Coast of the United States.USA, East Coast Atlantic United States.USA, Canada and continental and Mediterranean Europe.

Our daily presence in the fuel market offers us a perspective ideal to act as evaluators of the markets and the demands of the fluctuating supply sectors.